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Varieties and specifications of commonly used printing paper
Add Time:2015-09-29
1 printing paper
Printing paper is mainly used for letterpress printing books, magazine paper. Letterpress paper by paper, chemical composition of different materials, can be divided into No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 level four. The paper represents the number of paper quality degree, the greater the number of paper is worse. Letterpress paper mainly for letterpress printing machine. The characteristics of this paper are similar to that of newsprint, but they are not identical. Due to the pulp material with the slurry ratio tapping solution were better than newsprint and letterpress paper, fibrous tissue relatively uniform, also voids between the fibers was a certain amount of rubber filled with filler, and bleached, which formed the adaptability of this paper for printing. And newsprint is slightly different, it is not as good as the ink absorption of paper, but it has the characteristics of uniform ink absorption, anti - water performance and paper whiteness are better than newsprint. Letterpress paper has uniform texture, lint free, slightly flexible, opaque, slightly water resistance, have a certain degree of mechanical strength and other properties.
Weight: 49 ~ 60) + 2 g / m 2. Specifications for flat sheets: 787 x l092 mm, 850 x ll68 mm, 880xl230 mm; and some special size specifications of the paper. Web specifications: width 787 mm, 1092 mm, 1575 mm, length of about 60m ~ 80oo M.
2 newsprint
Newsprint is also called white paper, newspapers and books are the main paper. Newsprint: paper soft, full of good elasticity; ink absorption performance is good, which ink faster fixed on paper and on; paper after pressure light both sides of the smooth, lint free, so that both sides printed imprinted relatively clear and full, certain mechanical strength; opaque performance is good, suitable for high-speed rotary printing machine. This paper is made of mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp) as raw material, containing a large amount of lignin and other impurities. Not long-term storage. Save time is too long, the paper will become brittle, poor water resistance, not writing, etc.. You must use a printer ink or ink books, ink viscosity is not too high, lithographic printing layout of water must be strictly controlled.
Weight: 49 ~ 52) + 2 g / m 2.
Flat paper specifications: 787 x 1092 mm, ll68 850x mm, l230 880x mm.
Web size: 787 mm, 1575 mm, 6000 mm; length of about 8000 to 1092 M.
3 offset paper
Uncoated paper mainly for planographic printing (offset printing) machine and other printing machine printed with a senior color printing products, such as color pictorial, an album of paintings, posters, color printing label and a number of senior book, and book covers and illustrations. Uncoated paper with paper pulp ratio points for special, No. 1 and No. 2 three, single-sided and double-sided, super pressure light and ordinary pressure light two grades.
Offset paper scalability small, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, texture closely opaque whiteness is good. Water resistance. Should choose good letterpress printing ink conjunctival type offset ink and quality. The viscosity of the ink is not too high, otherwise it will appear off powder, szlama. To prevent the back of the stick dirty, usually against dirty, dusting or paper.
Weight: 50, 60, 80, 90100, 120150180, 70 g / m 2.
Plate specifications: 787 x l092 mm; 850 x 1168 mm.
Web specifications: 787 mm, 1092 mm, 850 mm.
4, coated paper
Also known as coated paper coated paper printing, this paper is coated with a layer of white paper, after pressure. Light is made. The paper surface smooth, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution, munltivariable, flexibility of small, and good flexibility, and strong anti water properties and tensile properties, on the ink absorbency and receiving state is very good. The product is mainly used for sample coated paper printing catalogs, covers, postcards, exquisite and color trademarks. Copperplate printing pressure should not be too large, to use offset printing ink resin based ink and light. To prevent back and dirt, can be used with anti dirty, dusting method.
Weight: 70, 80100, 120, 150180200210.24025 g / m 2.
Flat paper specifications: 648 x 953 mm, 787 x 970 mm, 787 x 1092 mm
5 draw a newspaper
White, smooth texture painting for the printing of newspapers, magazines, brochures and posters etc..
Weight: 65, 91 and 12 g / M 2
Plate specifications: 787 x l092 mm.
Commonly used paper and specifications:
1: special paper coated paper cups.
2: the most commonly used paper printing paper, surface gloss, suitable for a variety of color effect.
3: copper matte paper, matte surface, suitable for writing more or more blank copies, visual soft. Should avoid using big background, otherwise lost no light effect, and India is not easy to dry.
. single copper: cardboard, also known as single meal card, positive texture with coated paper, suitable for the performance of color, abaxially with uncoated paper, suitable for spot color or text. Suitable for printing and packing boxes, POP and all kinds of cards.
5. Offset paper: book paper, dull, suitable for printing text, monochrome or color, not suitable for printing color photograph, because color and level with coated paper is not the same, the color gray, dull, except for special needs to pursue this effect.
6. Gray card: as was on a with, products of beer cards, commonly used in mounted pits large box for positive for the white, abaxially gray, suitable for printing color box.
7. Special paper: also known as the art of paper, variety, can satisfy the design requirements of different, but need to pay attention to is in the specialty paper and printing four-color map, color and layers to affected, the best choice of bright colors, bright colored pictures, also need to pay attention to is avoid big background, on the one hand lost specialty paper texture effect and other aspects

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